Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How to buy Silver Cutlery

Whether you want to display your wealth or simply show off your good taste, nothing impresses your dinner guests more than an attractive dining table laid with matching plates and silver cutlery.

Stylish entertaining never goes out of fashion and today dinner parties are more popular than ever and are enjoyed by just about everyone.
You only have to look at the TV show Come Dine With Me to see that;

Staying in and having dinner parties is the new going out! 

For this reason, many people are smartening up their tableware and good quality silver cutlery is back in fashion.

So what type should you buy?

You can choose between silver or silver plate cutlery and whether to buy new, antique, or second hand. If you decide to buy new silver cutlery the value will depreciate the moment you buy it, and only rise later when it has some age! However buying antique or second hand silver cutlery will only rise in value and could cost you much less than buying new.

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Sterling silver holds its value much better than silver plate but may initially be more affordable.

A full canteen of cutlery consists of 12 place settings complete with the correct knives, forks and spoons. You can also find double canteens of 24 place settings and a half canteen of only six settings.
Check out antique fairs and auction sites to find the best second hand bargains. Often you can find good quality sterling silver cutlery canteens on sale for very reasonable prices. Check for tarnishing before you buy and always check the age of your set by the hallmark.

If you look after your silver cutlery, it will last several lifetimes. Remember to keep your silverware dry and as air tight as possible to avoid tarnish and always wash up by hand rather than in the dishwasher. This will maintain the good appearance of your silver cutlery and keep it looking good each time you bring it to the table.