Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Buying vintage gold or silver for Christmas presents

Buying vintage gold or silver for Christmas presents

Now it is coming up to Christmas everyone will soon be looking for presents to buy.

A new jumper, Socks, perfume, aftershave? 

All these are good but they are not great and quite often end up stored away at the back of a cupboard.

It might seem extravagant buying vintage gold or silver pieces for Christmas, but actually gifts like these are often no more expensive than other types of presents – especially if you know where to look and start thinking outside the (Christmas) box.

Giving an antique is not the same as buying a second hand gift and you can pick up some great pieces at a good price.

If you are thinking about vintage silver jewellery there are some antique bargains on eBay for a wide range of budgets.

Obviously, you have to be careful buying on line but if the piece is hallmarked then you can always ask the seller to scan the hallmark and answer any questions you may have.

gold and silver hallmarks guide Recent sales have included a vintage silver locket which sold for £1.86, numerous hall marked bracelet charms for under a fiver and an antique silver belcher chain, dating from the 1860s for £21.00.

And these gifts are suitable for men or women.

You can find some great bargains out there if you look.

Gold is also a great choice

Gold does not provide the same low prices on line as for silver.

Antique gold is expensive and rarely slips under the net of attention.

However, you can find the odd low priced novel item and a couple of pairs of 9ct hallmarked cuff links recently sold for £10.00 each.

How to identify gold hallmarks

A Victorian gold locket makes a romantic and imaginative gift for slightly larger budgets.

Recently an authentic Victorian 9ct gold picture frame locket hallmarked Birmingham 1907 sold for just £24.00. A reproduction  version of the same thing made of gold plate or silver would cost you much more than that!

Charm bracelets are an excellent way of solving your present dilemmas.

An introduction to silver charm bracelets

Giving a silver or gold empty charm bracelet gives you scope to buy interesting, vintage and valuable charms forever!

Hip flasks can make good gifts for men. You can find antique hip flasks in good condition dating from the 1900s onwards.

Often made from silver plate and featuring good quality leather trim you can find good quality James Dixon hip flasks for around £20.00

Although you can find silver items a lot are silver plate you can find Advice! - How to Identify real Silver from other Metals?

You are not going to find new genuine gold and silver objects at a cheap price.

jewellers loupe for sale £6.99 You can buy blingy gold jewellery or plate but it will not be the genuine article.

However if you look to the vintage market you can often find the perfect gift and have the distinction of giving something original and well made.

Don’t forget to ask the seller questions and always check out the hallmark before you click to buy

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