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antique pewter hallmarks

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Antique Pewter Hallmarks are the small symbols or stamps found on pewter.

They allow the viewer to gain valuable information about the maker of the pewter object and possible dating and value of the pewter.

British pewter hallmarks also called touch marks, date back to the Medieval Age providing the collector with good information.

Early pewter hallmarks or touch marks were very simple at first, often just initials or simple devices, but these became more elaborate over the years, as manufacturers added more flourishes to their work.

Many early pewter hallmarks include small makers marks contained in a shield and words such as “superfine metal.” Sometimes the maker’s name is written in full.

Unfortunately, most records of the first antique hallmarks (up to 1666) were destroyed by the great fire of London that engulfed the Pewterers hall.

Once the hall was rebuilt, the guild set about recording these marks again and accumulated over a thousand pewter hallmarks over the years that followed.

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In 1970, the pewter manufacturers formed the Association of British Pewter Craftsmen  - with the approval of the Worshipful Company of Pewterers London.

The ABPC established a new pewter hallmark first used in 1971, as a quality mark.

This is a circular mark, which contains a large letter A within which are contained the letters BPC.

Knowledge of Antique pewter hallmarks or pewter touches helps you date and set a value on any piece.

In addition, today’s modern pewter looks set to become the collectables of the future so appeals to modern buyers as well.

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