Thursday, July 7, 2011

BBC Bargain Hunt - Charles Hanson Auction Profile

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Charles HansonWe say sale!

Charles Hanson is a popular figure on BBC TV’s Bargain Hunt both as an antiques expert and as an auctioneer. With his a quirky dress sense – often appearing in suits that seem slightly too small for him and his youthful looking appearance. This belies the fact that he is well respected in the antiques world and is the owner of his own auction house that he set up in 2005.

Auctioneer and expert valuer Kate Bliss also works there.

Presenter Tim Wonnacott often refers to Charles Hanson as “Carlos”, for no particular reason that anyone can see, but somehow the name suits him.

Although Charles is good fun as an expert and no slouch at finding great bargains for his team, his auctioneering style is very entertaining.

The first thing you may notice is his rather hoarse voice. He shouts encouragement at his audience and has a range of great phrases. Look and listen out for “We say sale” and lots of, "I’m in your out”…type expressions all delivered amidst copious sips of water. His obvious enthusiasm is infectious and he often perseveres to get good prices.

The mysterious Miss Hornblower is becoming a feature of the Charles Hanson auction house when the Bargain Hunt Team is in town. Perhaps she always goes or perhaps she is lured by the cameras. Whoever she is, this smartly dressed audience member has been the saviour of many a bargain hunt team offering a dodgy item for sale!