Monday, September 24, 2012

How to hunt for buried armchair treasure

armchair treasure
Ever since the best selling treasure hunt book Masquerade fuelled a craze for treasure hunting in the 80s, the concept of the armchair treasure hunt has been going from strength to strength.

Armchair treasure hunting simply means that you solve a puzzle by clues rather than random digging.

The treasure hunt clues come in a variety of formats; pamphlets, an illustration, websites that offer clues, illustrated books, text message clues and more.

In some cases your written or emailed answer is enough to win the prize, provided you solve the puzzle and provide the correct grid reference and solution.

In some cases the buried treasure or the title deeds to the piece is physically in the location so you can just go and dig it up!

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Previous treasure hunts have included some valuable prizes.

In Dennis - A Treasure Hunt Adventure in illustrated book and website format, the prize was a 24ct gold figurine worth in excess of £10,000 found in 2006 a year after the book was released.

In 2005 Lucky 7 was a treasure hunt based on a simple illustration was solved within a month, netting the winner a Kruger rand worth £3000

Quest: A Zetetic Treasure Hunt was released in 1992 and not solved until 2006 and had a golden chest worth £30,000.

There are some high value treasure hunts still running and new treasure hunts are being released all the time.

One high value treasure hunt that is currently running is Dragonigma.

The prize is an18-carat gold dragon enriched with five diamonds and four rubies which measures 133mm x 105mm.

To join in on the hunt you have to register with The Treasure Hunt Club and pay a £5.00 fee to view the clues that are in playing card format.

In this treasure hunt, you locate the deeds to the piece (so metal detectors are no use) which is stored with the Yorkshire bank.

There is a lot of treasure out there that may be yours for the taking if you can solve the clues.

The best way to search for a treasure hunt is to look online and join a treasure hunting club. The Armchair Treasure hunt Club or the Treasure hunt Club are good places to start.