Thursday, August 25, 2011

Identify and Buy Retractable Silver Swizzle Sticks

Often a winners bargain on BBC's "Bargain Hunt" is the silver swizzle stick.

The Silver Swizzle Stick is a device one can keep in a pocket or bag and use for stirring ones champagne or cocktial at a moments notice.

It is shaped a little like a tiny egg whisk and can be made of materials including plastic, glass, silver, gold and other precious metals.

The tiny spines are retractable on more expensive models and this helps protect them when not in use.

This Sterling Silver retractable Swizzle Stick is used for removing bubbles from your glass of champagne.

Swizzle Sticks have been popular for over 100 years to remove bubbles from sparkling wines.
Another use is to mix ice and spirits together.

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Size 90mm - 3.5"

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Retractable Silver Swizzle Stick

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