Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Identify Silver fountain Pens

Pens uniquely express our personality, the thought, to the hand, to the paper. 

Perhaps the most famous of these is the Montblanc Pen.
The first Montblanc pen model was the Rouge Et Noir in 1909 followed in 1910 by the pen that was later to give the company its new name, Montblanc. The first Montblanc pen (a fountain pen) known as the Meisterst├╝ck or "Masterpiece," was produced in 1924.

The Montblanc pen is still considered as "the pen" that shows both wealth and style. Fountain pens can reflect the user’s personality from the simple biro to the finest silver or gold fountain pen.

The Earliest Fountain Pens

The first fountain pen can said to have been invented by the Egyptians in the 10th century. The caliph wanted a pen that wouldn’t drop ink onto his robes so an early fountain pen – a pen with a reservoir of ink was invented so that he could write without spoiling his clothes.

However, the Europeans were slower to catch on.

In 1636, a German inventor Daniel Schwenter described a basic early fountain pen but it was not until 1827 that a Romanian inventor Petrache Poenaru took out a patent on the invention of the first fountain pen with ink cartridge. Many inventors followed suite and by 1850, the fountain pen was in production.
Waterman became the first mass producer of fountain pens in the USA in 1880 followed by Parker in 1888. By the early 1900s fountain pens were made from a variety of materials and were being manufactured as luxury goods by some of the most prestigious companies in the world including Cartier, Mont Blanc pens and DuPont

So how much will a silver fountain pen set you back?

Well, a diamond encrusted Mont Blanc pen can sell for in excess of a million dollars but if you are considering buying a silver fountain pen, a vintage Parker silver fountain pen can be found on auction sites for between £30 around £80.

Many people collect fountain pens and they hold their value well. When you are looking to buy a silver fountain pen, always check the hallmark and the condition, and take into consideration the maker and whether the pen is in its original box.

Buying silver pens is an affordable hobby from the collectable found in the back of your drawers to the Silver Montblanc fountain pens they can be an investment as well as a functional way to express yourself on a daily basis.