Saturday, February 12, 2011

How to bid successfully at a live auction

Bidding at an auction can be a bit daunting at first but it really is great fun.

Here are some simple tips to successful bidding at auctions.

You can bid on many live auctions online, but the real drama takes place within the saleroom itself.

At a live auction not only you can see and examine what you are bidding on but you can feel the tension as the bidding unfolds.

Unless you’re a dab hand at the bidding, auctions can be a little bit intimidating, but the process is a lot of fun and by following these simple tips you will bid successfully and still be smiling when the hammer falls.

An auction is like live theatre and the buyers are part of the action.

It has two main stages.

First stage is the preview before the auction where prospective buyers can either visit the salerooms to examine the goods or in some cases view brief details of the items via the internet.

This is the time to ask questions and find out background information on the goods you may wish to bid on.

“Check your catalogue, decide your top price and more importantly stick to it!”

It's once you’ve decided to bid on an item that the hard part starts!

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