Monday, March 11, 2013

Why Money Will Make You Question Everything

money will make you question everything
Money is a subject that is often desired but rarely explained.

There are plenty of articles on the internet that are talking about money, but most of the understanding of what wealth is and what wealth entails are left out.

If you type "how to make money" into your search engine you get many results, but unsurprisingly these are usually about making the original posts authors money.

Although the articles about money on will not guarantee you wealth they do offer some advice on how to deal with it wisely.

I hope they may be of use to someone.

Money is rarely questioned because it doesn't answer well!

When you were at school it is doubtful that the system where you were educated taught you how to treat and deal with money.

It is more likely you were educated in a system that taught you would be working for someone else.

How would a teacher who by circumstances would be a wage earner be able to teach others how to deal with money?

So the amount of knowledge was not there to start with and some really basic home economics lessons were not enough.

You will probably spend most of your life dealing with the flow of money yet the amount of education you were given at school was negligible.

Im not knocking education here, but I am saying that education could sometimes be tailored better towards the pupils real  future needs.

And if such a major subject like money that would play such an influence your life was missed out, then there must have been a whole heap of other information not considered to be necessary to you before sending you out into the big world.

Why Money Will Make You Question Everything

Once you start examining the use and flow of your own money you will start to question everything you have been taught.

The first thing you have to realise about being free from financial concerns is you will have to completely re educate your self about the subject.

To learn about money you need to learn from people who are successful with money and they are probably not going to have the time to help you.

So the first step is to buy or borrow some books from investors and business people who do have this knowledge.

You cant expect to be good at this without some advice and you are not going to get that from the education system or from the media.

Do your own research on everything you need but if you need a place to get started you can take a look at a review of this book.

It is a familiar and well known book that if you are already interested in this subject then you might already have it.

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Why Money Will Make You Question Everything