Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cameron pleased with eu budget cut of 3%

Cameron pleased with eu budget cut of 3%
EU leaders finally reach an agreement about the EU budget for 2014 - 2020 right after lengthy talks inside Brussels.

The brand new budget ceiling, portions out 960bn euros (£812bn; $1. 3tn).

It's the first time this EU's multi-annual budget has seen a reduction.

Countries including France and Italy had tried to safeguard its spending, while others have pushed hard for cuts during this period of national austerity.

The budget must nevertheless be approved by the whole European Parliament.

The four most significant political groups within parliament have stated they "cannot accept it as it stands because it isn't in the interests of Europe's residents. "

eu budget spending changes 2013 - 2020 graph

While prime Minister Cameron has claimed "a substantial overall cut" to be a victory, the UK's contribution will probably still go up.

The UK's refund is shrinking below its current annual amount of nearly 3. 5bn euros.

The reduced refund was negotiated by means of former Prime Minister Tony Blair to aid the fund for the EU's east European development.

Mr Cameron said he'd resisted attempts to help reduce the rebate.

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Cameron pleased with eu budget cut of 3%