Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Silver Hallmarks

Many of us enjoy a good rummage round an antique fair or car boot sale at the weekend whether we are going to buy or to sell.

Collecting antiques and collectables is one of the fast growing past times around and many people have turned it into a profitable sideline or full time business.

Precious metals are real money, the same amount of silver today will exchange for the same amount of good exchanged today!

Silver on the TV and Media

You only have to flick through the TV channels to see how this is on the rise by the popularity of Bargain Hunt, Cash in the Attic, Flog it and others.

As well as TV, don’t forget the huge amount of antiques and collectables traded each day on eBay and other on line auctions.

Silver Hallmarks are the best way to value your metal

The price of gold and silver is at a very high level at the moment, so is popular with most buyers and sellers.
However many people make mistakes when dealing with precious metals and either sell too cheaply or pay too much.

Hallmarks are the key to valuing silver and gold and if you have ever struggled to identify a hallmark – and let’s face it even experts cannot remember all of them, then you need portable expert information at your fingertips.

Silver Hallmarks and how to date silver!

Understanding Gold and Silver Hallmarks is a complete guide to British hallmarks and assay marks that can be downloaded straight to your computer, i phone and mobile device for only £2.99
This e book includes all marks from 1678 right up until the present day and also contains a section on international marks.

It is available in pdf format making it suitable for both computer, i phone, i pod touch and almost any mobile device that will read these industry wide standard formats.

 No need to learn or memorise the hallmarks, just keep the guide handy and check the details before you buy or sell.

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Silver Hallmarks