Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bending the Silver Spoon of Uri Geller

Uri Geller first hit the headlines back in the early 70s when he appeared on TV apparently moving solid objects by mind power and telepathy.

However his trademark feat was spoon bending. Uri Geller could take any type of spoon and bend it apparently using only mind powers.

Although that does sound impossible, it really did defy explanation especially when it was carried out under scientifically controlled conditions.

It quickly made Uri Geller a household name throughout the World.

Uri was born in Israel in 1947 and became an Israeli paratrooper when he was 18 where he was wounded in the 7 day war.

Around this time, he began performing his psychic abilities at nightclubs and attracted enough interest to perform on TV in Europe and the U.S.A. Where scientific interest started to become interested into his psychic powers.

And this is where it all went weird
In 1971, Geller, by now a popular T.V. celebrity was being investigated by the CIA.

He was taken for rigorous testing to the Stanford Research Institute in California because two leading scientists, Dr Russell Targ and Dr Harold Puthoff were interested in using telepathy to transmit information.

Their report carried out under strict scientific conditions stated that Mr Geller’s powers were "genuine".

Immediately the report caused a furore and was criticised by the scientific community - (none of whom had witnessed the experiments).

A following damning report by stage magician James Randi discredited Geller even further and it was this that led him to try to prove his psychic powers and his numerous TV appearances.

This does not appear to have stopped Geller’s influence at a high level.

Offstage Uri has been involved at the highest levels of power without explanation. He has a huge list of influential friends, has been involved in peace negotiations in the Middle East and has used his psychic powers to find oil.

In 1987 the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair Claiborne Pell, took Geller with him to nuclear arms talks with the Soviets in Geneva.

Geller says his role was to psychically "bombard" Russian negotiator Yuli Vorontsov (Russia’s ambassador to the United States since 1994) to get him to sign the nuclear treaty.

It maybe coincidence but the following day Mikhail Gorbachev made his offer to eliminate medium range missiles from Europe.

To this day Uri Geller still appears at events demonstrating his powers and still uses his psychic mind-bending abilities to bend spoons, fix broken watches and other impossible tricks.

Whatever the truth about Uri Geller one thing is certain. He has a strong influence in powerful places and is much more than a stage magician.