Thursday, January 19, 2012

Triplet Jewellers Loup 30x - £6.99 magnify your advantage

If you are searching for a present for the collector in your life, the Triplet Jewellers Loup is an ideal gift or stocking filler for anyone.

The pocket size fold away lens is an essential tool that has many uses. 

It is ideal for reading hallmarks or tiny markings, perfect for showing details not readily visible to the naked eye, and great for using on gold, silver, jewellery, ceramics, watches, stamps, glass or anything that someone may collect where careful examination is crucial.

The powerful lens magnifies x 30 so that even the tiniest marks will be clearly visible. 

The triple lens system ensures that there is no distortion in magnification making the tiniest objects or marks crystal clear and easy to see.

The triplet jeweller’s loupe can be packed away in its own stainless steel case and is so compact it can be kept in the pocket at all times or added to a key ring or neck chain. 

An ideal gift for the collector or antiques enthusiast – the professional triplet jeweller’s loupe is hard wearing and should last a lifetime.

For gold and silver collectors why not take advantage of the complete gold and silver buyer’s kit. 

The professional jeweller’s loupe combined with the downloadable guide to British hallmarks suitable for your e reader, android or mobile phone.

Buy A Jewellers magnifying Loupe for £6.99

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