Thursday, October 13, 2011

Calendar List of yearly wedding aniversary gifts

A wedding anniversary is a good excuse to enjoy a special day with your loved one and recapture some of the old romance with a gift. However most of us do not really bother with it until there are few years under the collective belt.

 The 25th anniversary is the first significant anniversary that most people celebrate but all the anniversaries can be special if you want them to be.

Lists of wedding gifts vary from country to country but here are just a few of the most well known.

1st Anniversary is an important romantic date. In the US this is traditionally marked with paper gifts or clocks and in the UK we celebrate with cotton. You don’t get much for a year. You have to earn the more expensive stuff.

2nd year, Traditionally cotton in the US or chinaware. The UK celebrate this one with paper.

3rd year, Leather – maybe the need to spice things up a little. Or you can give crystal or glass

4th year,  Linen, silk, fruit and flowers or appliances if you are in the US.

5th year Traditionally wood or you can try the modern US recommendation of silverware

6th year Iron in the US or sugar in the UK – this anniversary is not great for gifts.

7th year Wool, copper and bizarrely desk sets.

8th year, Bronze, salt linen and lace.

9th year, Pottery copper or leather goods.

10th year, Tin or if you wish to follow the Americans, a Diamond!

15th year, Crystal is the traditional gift in both the UK and US with an added option of watches in the US

20th year, China or you could go for platinum because you’re worth it!

25th year, A major anniversary that everyone can agree on both sides of the pond. The Silver wedding anniversary should be celebrated with silver gifts.

30th year, The Pearl Wedding anniversary.

35th year, Coral or Jade.

40th year, Across the board it’s the Ruby Wedding. After all this time you deserve something extra specially nice for your efforts.

45th year, Sapphire.

50th year, Golden Wedding anniversary. Something to be celebrated after 50 happy years.

55th year, Emeralds.

60th year, Diamonds are forever. It probably seems like it.

65th year, Blue Sapphire

70th year, Platinum.