Thursday, August 4, 2011

When to Choose a Silver bullet over a Magic bullet Silver bullet

If you are about to be faced by a vampire most people remember that you can kill a werewolf with a silver bullet.

In medieval Europe witches who disguised themselves as Hares, or hares who were witches familiars could only be killed only by silver.

If you met someone who had sold their soul to the devil they can be warded off with pure silver, in some tales even Old Nick himself is sometimes scared by silver.

Even Horror Star "Peter Cushing" held up two crossed two silver candle sticks casting a holy shadow on dracula who withered in pain.Yes, the power of the silver bullet has been known to ward of evil for a very long time.

Except for the fact that the invention of guns is a recent invention.

Actually the most famous exponent of the silver bullet was the Lone Ranger, the masked ranger would enigmatically dissapear after righting wrongs leaving only a single silver Bullet.

The Magic Bullet
A definition to the term "Magic Bullet" refers to: "A direct and effortless Solution to a problem". This is generally thought to come from German scientist Paul Ehrlich in a speech in 1906. Dr Elrich was talking about highly targeted medical treatments in his speech and used the german word "Zauberkugel" which translates as "Magic bullet."

Confusion of Two Meanings
There are stories that a silver bullet was reputed to never miss its target and this is the possible confusion between the silver bullet and the magic bullet. The silver bullet having magical properties in the supernatural world and the Magic bullet being an almost supernatural solution in the real world.
The meaning has become somewhat blurred with the terms now being somewhat interchangable.

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