Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to make a simple silver testing kit

Here are two simple methods to quickly test if the metal you are looking at has any silver in it.

Both of these methods will help you determine if the metal you are testing has any silver in it. It won't tell you the amount or purity of the silver content contained.

Method 1:
Use American Mustard:
American Mustard is the one used on hot dogs. It is bright yellow, contains mustard tumeric and vinegar and is mild to the taste.
This type of mustard has a high sulpher content and when applied to silver will cause the metal to tarnish.

1. Use a stone or cloth to expose a little of the silver.
2. Apply a little warmed American mustard to the cleaned silver for a few moments.
3. Wipe off the mustard and if you see a black tarnish mark then you have some silver.
4. The silver can then be cleaned off with a small amount of white vinegar.

Method 2:
Using Two Matches to test for Silver.
The flame from a freshly struck match releases its sulpher content which causes silver to tarnish.
The most sulpher is relased as the match catches fire.

1.Press a match head against the silver.
2.Light a second match and set the first match on fire.
3.Wash burnt fingers under cold tap quickly!
4 If tarnish exists on the object then you have some silver.

Both of these examples will work to show silver but they will only tell you that the tested metal has silver in it.
In this way it will not tell you about the purity of the silver.
To test the purtiy of silver you need differnt chemicals.

See How to test the purity of Silver.