Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Anita Manning BBC bargain hunts most popular auctioneer

A recent poll carried out by this site has revealed that Anita Manning is by far the most popular antiques expert with viewers on BBC TV’s Bargain Hunt and Flog it.

This is a surprising result. The antiques experts are all generally popular and well liked so it was unexpected to see such an outright winner and by such a lengthy margin.

However, it is easy to see why! Anita Manning with her good-humoured warmth of character and a personality that literally leaps off the screen. Full of charm and wit, it seems that this irrepressible and stylish Scot has taken the TV public by storm.

So what is so special about Anita?

As a Bargain Hunt expert, she displays impeccable taste and seems to have a genuine desire to see her team win. Her good humour and obvious sense of fun make her seem like a truly nice person without being sickly or sentimental. Add this to her stylish taste, wealth of knowledge and enjoyment for the unusual and quirky object she sees the possibilities in the most bizarre or unassuming of objects.

As an auctioneer she is spell binding. Anita Manning transforms her auction room into real life theatre that makes her one of the best auctioneers to watch. She combines a persuasive and descriptive turn of phrase with extravagant gestures, sometimes standing up quickly when prices get particularly exciting, that brings a real buzz into the saleroom. Many other auctioneers can only envy this style.

What is not so usual about this result is that it seems that contrary to current BBC thinking. With the generally accepted BBC viewpoint that women over the age of 40 are not suitable for TV. Anita is another woman who has certainly bucked this trend.

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