Monday, March 28, 2011

How to care for silver and keep it clean

From Gold and Silver Hallmarks

Cleaning Silver is a job that requires care and patience especially if you have a collection.

Silver tarnishes because Silver oxidises a similar process to rusting when it is exposed to the air.

So how can you treat your silver so it keeps its shine but doesn't damage through over cleaning.

Silver doesn't really get dirty, because the tarnish you sometimes see on old silver is usually a result of the silver being exposed to air.

The tarnish is actually a layer on top of the silver.

This layer of oxidation can be removed without polishing and scrubbing by simply dipping your silver in this non-toxic electrochemical dip.

A big advantage to using a Silver dip is that the liquid can reach places a polishing cloth cannot.

Some tips that will help you keep your silver looking bright without over cleaning damaging the metal.

Use care when polishing or dipping silver plated items. It is easy to wear away the thin layer of silver and cause more harm than good through overcleaning.

Minimize exposing your silver to substances which contain sulphur. Foods like mayonnaise, eggs, mustard, onions and materials like latex wool contain sulphur that will cause corrosion.

A good way to treat silver is to wear it! Using your silver flatware/holloware or wearing silver jewelry helps to keep it free from tarnish.

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